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Sunday, February 16, 2003

I just went to the movies with Chris. We saw Daredevil, and I must say... don't waste your money. He made a valid point that the whole plot was like Batman and Spiderman smooshed together only Batman and Spiderman are good and Daredevil isn't. I told him that its kinda like Crispy M'n'Ms. Crispy is good, everybody loves crispy. And M'n'Ms are good, we all love the M's. But Crispy M'n'Ms were an abomination before the Lord, and were thrown from glory not unlike Lucifer and his minions of darkness. The only redeeming feature of the movie was the uncannily gorgeous Jennifer Garner, who played the butt-kicking leading lady Elektra Nachocheesioso (sp?). Anyway... she's really hot and made the movie way better than it ever should have been. So if you're wanting to perv for about an hour and a half go ahead and pay the cashums, but if you truly would like to see a good movie... just go see Lord of the Rings. Doesn't matter which one. Now go... shoo... you're blocking the view of my minions of darkness.

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