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Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

I have been puting off the new f*cktard for a while now, and have finally found someone suitable for this title. Her name is Allison Hockgeiger...Now before you rip my head off and spit down my throat, read the rest of the post...unless you are a guy...cause then you'll think I'm gay. Allison is to emotion as Nuclear reactor is to electricity...In fact she is sometimes so blinded by her emotion that she actually considers her boyfriend to be the best thing that could have ever happened to her, and that she is not good enough for him...but if she would step back and look for a minute, she would reailize that he was named last month's f*cktard for a reason. She, in all reality, has actually become the most important thing in his life, and, in only one year, has helped him to find something some people spend their entire lives looking for. Now, before i make any more of an ass of myself, Happy Aniversary, Allison...You are a f*cktard
(NOTE:There is more than one meaning to the word f*cktard...and this time, it wasn't derogatory.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I feel like a kid in a candy store. "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" is in my hands. DVD. Fullscreen. *gollum gollum*. I now understand why Frodo is always showing his "O Face". Daddy like the ring. It's precious. I'll just stick it on this peg for safe kee eee ee eeepppping!! !! ! !!

Fight the Power. Stay away from nasty Hobbitses. Gollum hateses mean Hobbitses.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Today I recieved an e-mail. "What's the big deal?" you ask. "I get e-mails every day" you say. This e-mail was different. Sender: "Adam". Subject: "FWD this is funny check this out". I have a friend named Adam, and he likes to send stupid forwards so I opened it. It was NOT a stupid forward. It was "WATCH LONELY HONRY FARM GIRLS EXPERIMENT WITH ANIMALS". Yes it's true, they spelled horny wrong. So for about 200 split seconds I was forced to view "lonely honry farm girls experiment with animals". All I can say is... I'm just as kinky as the next kinky person, but some things just should NOT be put in some places. That's all I'm sayin. And that's all I can say... for now. So that's all that's gunna be said. Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

[Listening to: "Ain't Nobody Dyin' But Us" by End Time Warriors]

I wish Tag-Board would get their friggin butts in gear. Free boards have been down for 7 of the past 11 days. I was trying different tagging solutions today and none of them were as good, and the ones that were ended up screwing my layout all to hell. Ohh well, I guess we'll hafta deal with complete tagging silence for a few more days until they either get it fixed or I rigger nig a solution. Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

[Listening to: "2xl on an African Safari" by The James Dean Trio]

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

[12:47:55 PM] Jordan: d : - | >@

[12:48:03 PM] Jordan: look it's gangsta smiley

[12:48:28 PM] Taylor: oh my god

[12:48:44 PM] Jordan: you know you like it

[12:49:47 PM] Jordan: all thugged out with his atsign gold chain and his d for a sideways hat... he's hard

[12:49:50 PM] Jordan: and he knows it

[12:50:08 PM] Taylor: real hard ass mofo

[12:50:15 PM] Jordan: if he had an ass it'd be bad

[12:50:30 PM] Jordan: don't look too long... he'll pop a cap in your ass

[12:50:32 PM] Taylor: hehe make him an ass

[12:51:55 PM] Jordan: d : - | >@ ====D B

[12:52:00 PM] Jordan: no ass but a big dick and shoes

[12:52:23 PM] Taylor: holy god

[12:53:12 PM] Jordan: cuz it's all about the benjamins baby

[12:53:27 PM] Taylor: holla

Thursday, August 14, 2003

The server is not alright. At least thats what people are saying about Hundreds of thousands of computers were infected by the virus know as "Lovesan" (AKA "MSBlaster") on Monday. This virus has been spreading like wildfire since then. On Saturday it will unleash it's payload, and the missiles are pointed directly at the Microsoft website. At 12AM on August 16th, billions upon billions of packets of data will be sent to the site every second, in a coordinated attempt to knock it offline. This will render it impossible for Windows users to obtain the updates and patches necessary for fixing the security hole (unless of course the standalone patches are mirrored elsewhere). If you know someone that still has the virus on their computer, please make an attempt to help them patch their system and remove the virus before Saturday. Here are some useful links to help you learn more about the virus.

Information about W32.Blaster.Worm from Norton
Information from Mcafee
Information from Microsoft / Get the Patch
Simple scanner for Lovesan/Blaster removal
CNN reports on the impending DoS attack

Remember kids... programs have bugs. Period. I hate Billy Gates and Micro$oft just as much as the next guy, but unwilling exploitation of private citizens to get back at "The Man" is just as wrong as the exploitation perpetrated by "The Man" himself. Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

(PS: I have a copy of the patch for Win XP 32-bit. I'm keeping it just incase the server does get knocked offline. Anyone that needs it... you know how to get ahold of me.)

[Listening to: "Come To Daddy" by The Dillinger Escape Plan]

Tuesday, August 05, 2003


Saturday, August 02, 2003


We all know that Zao put on one of the best shows of their career at Cornerstone 2003. This picture proves it. Thanks to for the pic.


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