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Thursday, April 29, 2004

thefuture's army of 5000 men marches into your territory. Your army prepares to meet them in battle.

thefuture sent the following message arrow:

Testing out attacking strats

Turbulent purple and red flames appear from nowhere, surrounding your men with scorching heat. Men scream with pain and terror. 812 die from the magi-fire's touch.

Violent storm winds blow sleet and hail at thefuture's men. Jagged bolts of lightning split the sky as thunder roars, breaking thefuture's army with devastating force. 1551 of thefuture's men are slain.

Your armies clash together, steel on steel, as warcries and screams of terror and pain rise into the air.

812 of your men were lost.
Your army inflicted 1551 losses on thefuture.

thefuture's army inflicted some damage on your army, but your men stood their ground, forcing thefuture to turn around and leave... for now.

Click here for one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. Something about this makes me die laughing every time I see it. PORKCHOP SANDWICHES!!!

Friday, April 23, 2004


Rampant rhino gets amorous with car

'Sharka' tries to mount a Renault Laguna at U.K. park

LONDON - A rampant rhinoceros gave a group of visitors a glimpse of nature in the raw at a British safari park when he tried to have sex with their car.

Sharka, a two-ton white rhino, got amorous with Dave Alsop’s car when he stopped with three friends to take pictures of the animal mating with his partner Trixie at the West Midland Safari Park.

The 12-year-old rhino tried to mount the Renault Laguna from the side, denting the doors and ripping off the wing mirrors before Dave drove away with a puffing Sharka in pursuit.

“He was a big boy and obviously aroused,” Alsop told the Sun newspaper on Thursday. “He sidled up against us. The next thing I know he’s banging away at the car and it’s rocking like hell.”

A spokeswoman for the park, which says “rhinos are not particularly intelligent animals” on its Web site, said Sharka was a hit with the female rhinos and had fathered two calves in the last five years.

“He’s got a bit of a reputation this lad and he was obviously at it again,” she added.

I think the real question is... Is it in good taste to suggest that he was simply giving the car "Da Sharka"?

Thursday, April 22, 2004

I've been listening to Bright Eyes all day today. After a while I thought, "I wonder if Emo Game 2 ever got finished?" It is, and it's amazing. I encourage all you kids to check out EmoGame 2. Unlike the first EmoGame, EG2 has a really cool message. The delivery might be a little odd, but the message itself is still true. "BE SOMEBODY, YOU FAT NERD!"

EmoGame 2

Take the time read these lyrics, they've meant alot to me over the past year or two.

[Listening to: "Bowl Of Oranges" by Bright Eyes]

The rain, it started tapping on the window near my bed. There was a loophole in my dreaming,
so I got out of it. And to my surprise my eyes were wide and already open.
Just my nightstand and my dresser where those nightmares had just been.
So I dressed myself and left then, out into the gray streets.
But everything seemed different and completely new to me.
The sky, the trees, houses, buildings, even my own body.
And each person I encountered, I couldn't wait to meet.
I came up a doctor who appeared in quite poor health.
I said "(I am terribly sorry but) there is nothing I can do for you
(that) you can't do for yourself."
He said "Oh yes you can. Just hold my hand. I think that would help."
So I sat with him a while and then I asked him how he felt.
He said, "I think I'm cured. No, in fact, I'm sure of it.
Thank you Stranger, for your therapeutic smile."
So that is how I learned the lesson that everyone is alone.
And your eyes must do some raining if you are ever going to grow.
But when crying don't help and you can't compose yourself.
It is best to compose a poem, an honest verse of longing or simple song of hope.
That is why I'm singing...
Baby don't worry cause now I got your back. And every time you feel like crying,
I'm gonna try and make you laugh. And if I can't, if it just hurts too bad,
then we will wait for it to pass and I will keep you company
through those days so long and black.
And we'll just keep working on the problem we know we'll never solve of Love's uneven remainders,
our lives are fractions of a whole.
But if the world could remain in a frame like a painting on a wall.
Then I think we would see the beauty.
Then we would stand staring in awe at our still lives posed like a bowl of oranges,
like a story told by the fault lines and the soil.

Love you guys, hope you all have great time attacking my helpless infantry, archers, cavalry, and militias.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A rather confident man walks into a bar and takes a seat next to a very attractive woman.
He gives her a quick glance, then casually looks at his watch for a moment.
The woman notices this and asks, "Is your date running late?"
"No", he replies, "I just bought this state-of-the-art watch and I was just testing it."
The intrigued woman says, "A state-of-the-art watch? What's so special about it?"
"It uses alpha waves to telepathically talk to me," he explains.
"What's it telling you now?"
"Well, it says you're not wearing any panties..."
The woman giggles and replies, "Well it must be broken then because I am wearing panties!"
The man explains, "Damn thing must be an hour fast."

Friday, April 09, 2004

Before you read this, keep in mind that i have been listening to a LOT of the cure lately...

Title: Beautiful
Written By Jared Miller
Music By Aleph Null (eventually)

Beautiful words are all i have
To remember, to remember you
Incredible love shared that no death could take away
My love, I cannot forget my love for you
My love, your eyes closed and i died, too

Memories, faded and warn
Scribbled on a napkin
and stuffed in an old cigar box
A song, A soul, your dying words clutched to my chest
And I will not forget.

Beautiful, I will not forget your eyes
the same eyes resting in your young son's face
My love, not one day has passed since you left my side
My love, every day i feel you die again

Memories, faded and warn
Scribbled on a napkin
and stuffed in an old cigar box
A song, A soul, your dying words clutched to my chest
And I will not forget.

And as my tears flow you will wipe my cheek,
and kiss my brow, and tell me all is well
till then i'll sing your song,
sing your song and pray for my relief

my love, my love, my beautiful love(repeat)
goodbye my love, my beautiful love
my love, my love...

Im sry my last post was a sry attempt at humor but my fans said it maid them laugh so.....never mind

Burn it down and walk away

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Monday, April 05, 2004

The folowing is a fictional story based on real corporate events leading up to a decision which could change the world. the names have not been changed necause they are in no way related to real life or anybody we know. That said, i would also like to point out that the story was written in the greatest lack of personal bias i have ever seen in any piece of journalism ever.

ok, so this guy, we'll call him Marvin, goes to austrail...japan to meet his girlf...CPA for the first time. Then one day, his mothe...general manager tells him he has the option to relocate to japan after looking at a few pict...ographs which showed only one side of a agreement and deciding it was a good move wether the general manager was comfortable with her star employee leaving the office or not. at the same time as this was going on, Marvin was part of a ban...research and development group back at the US Offices. In order for michael...i mean relocate to the japanese offices, the research group would end up being disassembled destroying what could have been one of the most talented and successfull research and development groups in the world. As a result, the entire american economy would colapse and turn us from superpower to third-world country overnite. On the other hand, this new partnership between marvin and his CPA could result in exponential growth for the two of them and their own famil...corporation. Not to mention a chance of possible relocation from japan back to the American offices once the CPA finishes her medical schoo...apprenticeship and CPA training. the moral of the story is...never listen when your mother tells you to live in australia...

NOTE:honestly guys, please don't take this seriously...believe it or not, i really don't feel the way this post makes it look. this was just a sad attempt at humor, and i figured that since the most popular subject at this site seemed to be mike and his trip to see amy that it would be the perfect subject to choose. so, after completely making myself look like an ass, i think i'll just stop talking.

Sunday, April 04, 2004


Saturday, April 03, 2004

Daylight-Saving Time: What's the Point?

Believe it or not I found this to be an interesting article. My favorite quote, "Leave it to Hoosiers to do things their own way, I guess."

Friday, April 02, 2004

Cornerstone Festival 2004 :: Schedule This is the schedule so far of bands that will be at c-stone 04 Burn It Down And Walk Away

Mortal Treason - A Call To The Martyrs check out this new band guys they are realy realy good!!! burn it down and walk away


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