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Monday, April 05, 2004

The folowing is a fictional story based on real corporate events leading up to a decision which could change the world. the names have not been changed necause they are in no way related to real life or anybody we know. That said, i would also like to point out that the story was written in the greatest lack of personal bias i have ever seen in any piece of journalism ever.

ok, so this guy, we'll call him Marvin, goes to austrail...japan to meet his girlf...CPA for the first time. Then one day, his mothe...general manager tells him he has the option to relocate to japan after looking at a few pict...ographs which showed only one side of a agreement and deciding it was a good move wether the general manager was comfortable with her star employee leaving the office or not. at the same time as this was going on, Marvin was part of a ban...research and development group back at the US Offices. In order for michael...i mean relocate to the japanese offices, the research group would end up being disassembled destroying what could have been one of the most talented and successfull research and development groups in the world. As a result, the entire american economy would colapse and turn us from superpower to third-world country overnite. On the other hand, this new partnership between marvin and his CPA could result in exponential growth for the two of them and their own famil...corporation. Not to mention a chance of possible relocation from japan back to the American offices once the CPA finishes her medical schoo...apprenticeship and CPA training. the moral of the story is...never listen when your mother tells you to live in australia...

NOTE:honestly guys, please don't take this seriously...believe it or not, i really don't feel the way this post makes it look. this was just a sad attempt at humor, and i figured that since the most popular subject at this site seemed to be mike and his trip to see amy that it would be the perfect subject to choose. so, after completely making myself look like an ass, i think i'll just stop talking.

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