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Monday, March 31, 2003

christi says:
how big would a 13 quart cooler be?

Regretfully Indifferent says:
between 12 and 14 quarts I would say

Regretfully Indifferent says:
but its just a guess... I've never been very good with quarts

Friday, March 28, 2003

Man I found a wealth of awesome links on the net today. I am going to show them to you.... riiiight... wait for it... wait... wait... now:

Are you tired of watching from a distance? Let us... help you... help yourself... to her.

The J.R.R. Tolkien Sarcasm Page

Despot or Sexpot

The Wireframe Puppet

I see this in Jared's future

Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

I read a spectacular interview with Lee Bozeman of Luxury fame over at today. Good old Lee responded very eloquently to a touchy question that has plagued the Christian music industry for around 35 years now. An excerpt:

C: How do you approach spiritual aspects on your music and band? Like, how do you as a Christian approach music and the band? How do you see Christians and the arts?

LB: Music and Christianity. Has there ever been a more misunderstood and terribly unhealthy relationship than between these two? The evangelical mentality has so pervaded and manipulated the modern western Christian that he is unable to see that Christianity is not a product to be bought and sold, nor is it a message to be propagandized, but rather, it is a completely counter-culture existential lifestyle. Contemporary Christian Music is nothing more than a musical version of McDonald's. They offer little in the way of true sustenance and appeal to our lowest common desire: our desire to be entertained. A true artist seeks to find peace with himself, and we, as onlookers, see something that is real and we cling to and believe in it. The truest Christian artist is the most human artist.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Ahh yes... Spring is upon us. Sitting at the park today made me realize why I love Spring. The lovely breeze, the beautiful flowers... I saw four entire naked breasts today. I am completely serious. I was just reading a Javascript book in my van, minding my own business, when I glanced over and PAFLUMP! This lady lifted up her shirt and I saw very much tit. I couldn't quite figure out why her naked love bumps were making such an astounding appearance in the middle of Gregg Park. She proceeded to pick up her child and begin the delightful process of nursing. I understood, and gave her privacy. This was odd, yet completely understandable. The next two honkers were the confusing ones. While walking toward my chemistry class I caught a glimpse of the tinted main windows in the Math/Science building. I could see the outline of a white shirt, obviously female. The glass wasn't clear enough for me to make out any distinguishable features. All of the sudden, the shirt was up and then down again. I stopped dead. Was I just flashed? The girl must have noticed that I wasn't able to see very well because she proceeded to lift up her shirt again, this time pressing her nude tandem against the window. I was stunned. This couldn't possibly be happening twice today. I gave her an appropriate thumbs up and was on my way. I guess today was boobie day for Jordan. I pray that you all have the good fortune of a boobie day at least twice in your lives. Man I love Spring. Fight the Power. Stay Arouse... Stay Informed.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Here are a couple little war tidbits for you people... to... ya know... lighten the mizzood.

Sadaam From Iraq


Photoshop used to tell the future, if the U.S. loses the war in Iraq

:: Nothing to do with the war, but this one is for Josiah only. ::

Well I finally broke my Fugazi obsession today. I had to bring out the big guns though. Roadside Monument - Eight Hours Away From Being A Man. Thats been in heavy rotation all day today. It was either that or Zao - Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest and that CD only comes out on truly special occasions. It's a masterpiece of sonic perfection.

I'm gunna be so glad when this week is over. I'm currently in the middle of my second all-nighter this week. I'm gunna be so beat after it's over. Every time I turn around it's another paper or presentation or project or proposal. I just realized that all of those start with P's. It's a conspiracy against America's college students. Think about it... what are some of the things that we dread as college students. Psych, PE, Pre Calculus... they all start with P. For future reference stay as far away as possible from things that start with P. As a human being I have chosen to go through these things before you so that in retrospect, I might be able to warn you about them. I am the man that steps inside the haunted house first. I'm the man that walks across the rickety bridge before anyone else can cross. I am the man that sets off all of the booby traps with marbles to give YOU, my friends, a safe journey. I will continue to be this beacon in the storm, for the sake of your future and mine.And only because I love, I say... Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

"War is not wanton. War only exists because life is precious. If it weren't precious, why defend it?" Your Beacon

Sunday, March 23, 2003

My back is killing me. Do you ever wake up and just have a shooting pain somewhere and you can't help but wonder if you woke up in the middle of the night and impaled yourself on a violently twisting spoon and then went back to bed? Well thats what I feel like right now. Ohh well, to the post...

God, yeah my back still hurts... OK for real this time... to the post...

Recently I have been listening to Fugazi alot. I think this may be why I've been having trouble liking anything other than Fugazi, lately. I probably need to stop it. The Arguement is a reeeaallllly good CD though.

I'm trying desperately to put off writing my big paper. It's due... well in the morning. I guess since it's almost 8pm I should probably get started on that. I mean it IS 10 pages.

I saw my sister's play twice this weekend. Natasha and Rachel went with me on Friday night, and Tabitha on Saturday night. It was pretty cool. I thought it was interesting how they portrayed my sister as an atheistic, amoral, gangster-loving, shameless, deceitful whore. Good time were had by all, I guess.

Now for some quotes from my sister's play.

"He had a platinum gown made for her. She put it on her naked body. He would make fire in the fireplace and heat the dress and she would put it on, and if it burned her shameless skin she would laugh like the pagan she is and he would kiss the burn." Magda Svenson on my sister's illicit relationship with her boss

"Mrs. Faulkner is a lady and therefore she has no reaction."
Private Investigator Van Fleet on my sister's boss' wife's reaction (or lack) about my sister's illicit relationship with her boss

"Damn you!" notorious gangster Lawrence "Guts" Reagan's eloquent comments on the DA's statements about my sister's illicit relationship with said gangster... ohh yes and her boss was involved somehow... and sex

I think you all get the point. Twas quite a savory depiction. Ohh how I love to see my sisters grow up into wonderful God-fearing women. Well anywayz... everyone keep your heads up, I'm here for ya. Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

Afraid that the US and Britain will abandon them, the people of Safwan did not touch the portraits and murals of Saddam Hussein hanging everywhere. It was left to the marines to tear them down. It did not mean there was not heartfelt gladness at the marines' arrival. Ajami Saadoun Khlis, whose son and brother were executed under the Saddam regime, sobbed like a child on the shoulder of the Guardian's Egyptian translator. He mopped the tears but they kept coming.

"You just arrived," he said. "You're late. What took you so long? God help you become victorious. I want to say hello to Bush, to shake his hand. We came out of the grave."

"For a long time we've been saying: 'Let them come'," his wife, Zahara, said. "Last night we were afraid, but we said: 'Never mind, as long as they get rid of him, as long as they overthrow him, no problem'." Their 29-year-old son was executed in July 2001, accused of harbouring warm feelings for Iran.

This is the kind of thing that make this war worthwhile... This little excerpt came from InsideVC's War Blog. They are continuously doing an A+ job of reporting the facts. Hat's off to those guys. Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

Friday, March 21, 2003

Forgive my mess all... should NEVER ever ever ever be YOUR image hosting solution.

The heat is on in Iraq, my friends. After watching FOX News for 5 hours today I have realized something. American news channels spew forth Pro-American propaganda like they ate too much of it and then attempted to swim directly afterwards. Now I'm not saying that CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, and so forth are not giving us factual reports. I am simply saying that these channels are too pro-patriotism to actually give a well-rounded report of what is happening in Iraq. I support President Bush and his crew in their efforts to disarm Iraq via diplomacy and eventual force. I believe that when the UN passes a resolution that provides for the use of force if certain stipulations are not met, they would render themselves entirely ineffective to not support enforcing it when the time came. This my friends is what has happened. The UN is an antiquated and ineffective relic. The United Nations has become a virtual dunnking booth in the carnival of foreign policy.

I am not a military or political analyst. I do not claim to have all of the facts, but I do encourage you to decide for yourself whether or not you feel that the United States of America is doing the right thing. This is a pivotal point in our history. We as Christians and Americans should not draw ourselves away from matters that do not directly affect us. Our land and freedoms have been given to us by divine providence and purchased with the blood of brave men and women throughout the years. We would be ingrateful to ignore these freedoms because of our own fear. Those of you that are interested in finding out the facts without having to wade through the sea of government propaganda, I recommend the following web sites for views on both ends of the spectrum:

The Drudge Report
InsideVC's War Blog

As always, I will forever be here to help you, my friends, my compatriots, my fellow Americans. More than ever before, I beg of you... Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003


Here it is... the infamous "Jared's nipple" pic. Enjoy. Notice how his nipple is slightly protruding thus indication that he was turned on by the encounter. I also noticed that his nipple is actually slightly off-center in reference to his areola. The lack of hair also shows that he either shaves his chest or has yet to or just recently hit puberty. The fact that he can stretch his shirt all the way down to his breast also shows that he either wears ridiculously stretchy shirts or has a rather large neck. I guess he could have just been that excited about showing me his goods that he obtained a burst of adrenaline. That would explain both the superhuman-like, neck-hole stretching strength and the erect nipple. The lack of hair and off-center nip are still mysteries though... Fight the Power. Stay Info... GET YOUR HAND OUT OF YOUR PANTS!! YEAH I SEE YOU!! PERVERT!! Anyway... Fight the Power. Stay Informed.


Tuesday, March 18, 2003

There are two quotes that sum up how I feel about love and women. Here they are...

"Talking about love is like dancing about architecture." Playing By Heart


"The truth is, you could slit my throat and with my last gasping breath I would apologize for bleeding on your shirt." Taking Back Sunday

There, now don't you feel more informed... well stay that way. Fight the Power. Stay Informed.



I've always hated trains. An interruption in my progress is all they seem, no real purpose. This particular train was no different. There it was, a swift metallic divider between myself and my destination. As each car passed I saw but a glimpse of the other side. A taunting device of this rumbling demon, I suppose. Vehicles were beginning to line up behind me, as if I were their leader and they awaited my action. We were all spitting and cursing industry for the delay. She was driving a Taurus. Newer style. Dark. Beautiful. The Taurus was nice, too. I couldn't tell if she was smoking or enjoying a sucker, but either would have been fine, I guess. She existed on the other side of the tracks, just as close to my goal as I was to hers. I pretended to fall in love with her, to keep myself entertained. I dreamed of our future together. Kids, cars, homes, and late-night movies by the fireplace, it was all included. Everything that I knew about her I had learned from split-second voyeuristic sessions between cars, and that was perfectly fine with me. I just filled in all the gaps. She was funny, intelligent, artistic, and emotionally supportive. She loved Chinese food and the funny shapes that tanning test stickers made if you moved them around mid-session. Sometimes when we were alone and quiet she would rest her hand on my arm and squeeze it periodically to let me know that she was still alive and still loved me. Few of life's true pleasures could be found outside of her company. As I traveled back to reality, I saw that her patience had peaked. The look on her face told me more than I wanted to know. She was leaving me. Her Taurus carried her away as she did a U-turn and fled to a more appropriate concourse. Every intangible piece of my soul chased after her, but love can rarely outrun a V6. Unable to give chase, I simply remembered the good times that we had as I prepared to recover from another heartbreak. And that is how I lived an entire life in four minutes. Realizing that my imagination is my one and only true love, I have decided that trains really aren't all that bad.

Monday, March 17, 2003

OK for the SECOND time... Blogger has screwed me out of a massive post with their stupid frigging "VBScript Errors". Screw Blogger. Screw them in their stupid tiny earholes. Fight the Power... and Stay Informed... I guess...

Sunday, March 16, 2003

OK... This is just... uncanny. I was soooo freaked out by this picture that I nearly shat myself. For those of you that know her, this girl looks exactly like a really skinny version of my sister. I'll try and post a picture of my sis so that those of you that don't know her will be as freaked out as me.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

A tribute to my sister's fish, Homer, who's water was as skanky as Patoka.

This absolutely cracked me up! I was at FaceThe and I clicked on the HIGHEST RATED GUY on the entire site and it was this guy. Make sure and read his likes and dislikes. Reminds me of half of the people I go to school with... or well Mike. Just messin bro. Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

Friday, March 14, 2003

Has anyone else ever wondered about public restroom hand dryers? They are always about 10 seconds too short to actually get your hands dry. Why can't they just increase the length of blowing by 10 seconds? After several experiments and much bathroom time, I have decided that public restroom hand-dryers are key components in a plot against the working man propagated by the world's energy suppliers. Here is the part where I explain... my... theory. When the hand-dryer shuts off 10 seconds early, you are still left with damp hands. There are only two real courses of action to remedy this. 1: Wipe your hands on your shirt or pants. 2: Restart the dryer. Now, personally I do not enjoy large wet spots on my shirt or pants unless they have my permission to be there. So now all we are left with is restarting the dryer cycle. The normal cycle lasts from 30 - 60 seconds, yet we only need 10 seconds of it the second time around. After using our time we logically tend to walk away from the machine, thus wasting 20 - 50 seconds of blowing power. If this is done millions of times daily, how many hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted by restaurants and rest stops and retail stores annually by having to restart your dryer cycle? These businesses are thus forced to raise the prices on their merchandise to soften the blow (no pun intended) of under-blowing blowers. All expense filters down to the working man. In the end we all lose. Use towels. Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

This is insanity, but proves my point. Popular music is formulaic and redundant.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003


Just Wondering...

How would you rate me physically?

Search The Internet

My dad let me borrow his digital camera on Sunday. It's an HP Photosmart 320 for all you techies. Well lemme just say, I love this machine. I'm gunna start taking pictures of things and posting them on here. It'll be a fun little picture section. I've already taken a couple that I'm gunna post. I know you just can't wait... Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

I'm in the middle of watching "One Hour Photo". There's something about it that just creeps me out. Even more than most of your normal, quasi-scary films. It really makes you wonder about the people that develop your pictures. I know when I worked at K-Mart I occasioanally looked at some of the loose and unclaimed photos. I alwasy kinda felt like a voyeur or something. It was like I was peeking into their lives without their permission. Try it sometime. Go to K-Mart and grab a pack of pictures out of the drawer and look through them. You'll understand what I'm talking about. That may be one reason why it freaks me out so much. I understand how disturbingly weird this guy has to be. Anyway... check out "One Hour Photo". It's a good good movie.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Well next week is my spring break. As you ladies know, when I have an entire week off I begin to start what I call my "Internet Period". That means 5 - 7 days of light to heavy blogging. Cheers.

Today I was sitting at the park, when I saw the coolest thing ever. Two old ladies about 60 or 70 were taking their afternoon brisk walk around the park. I could tell that there was something different about them, because one of the ladies had white hair with *black* streaks in it. "Very hardcore for an old lady" I thought to myself. As they neared my van I could see that one of them was wearing a black T-Shirt with the words, "Don't Get Mad. GET NAKED!" on the front. Dang that was funny. The other one's shirt simply said, "Emo is Awesome". I was floored. These ladies were emo-kids! I imagined them discussing At The Drive-In or Conor Oberst's shaky vocals. I decided to test my theory. I threw in my new FSF CD and turned it way up. As they passed my van one of the ladies looked at me. I just smiled and she winked. I couldn't help but think, "If only I had met her 50 years sooner." So I decided to make a list, because life is made entirely of lists. So here you go:


TEN: She's full of funny stories and anecdotes from the Great Depression.

NINE: You'll NEVER again forget to wear clean underwear just incase you're in an accident.

EIGHT: No more bad hair days. She standing ready with a comb and a wad of spit as soon as you wake up.

SEVEN: She most probably can't get pregnant, so ixnay on the ondomcays.

SIX: It's the only real way to get logical advise from a spouse.

FIVE: Sometimes they are actually still hot. Ann-Margret anyone? Merideth Vierra will still be hot when she's 110.

FOUR: She won't remember your anniversary either.

THREE: You can do anything you want at night. She'll be out like a light right around 9:30.

TWO: 3 meals a day. 7 days a week. And if you're a good boy, maybe a light snack inbetween.

ONE: 401K... Social Security... Medicaid... All-You-Can-Eat discounts... Handicapped Parking...

If a bunch of Chinese restaurants got together and organized a World's-Largest-and-Most-Extravagant-Dumpling contest, they could call the winning dumpling,

"The wanton one-ton won-ton."

Who wouldn't want one wanton one-ton won-ton?

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

This one is just for the guys Ohh sweet nectar of beauty...

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Hey everyone! Go check out my big sister's blog here. Geez, I'm so proud...

I'm not sure if I hate college or if college just hates me. I'm pretty sure I hate college, though. Vincennes University is a rotting, festering plate of maggoty cheese. Well now that's out of the way, on to the blogging...

I finally got my headlight fixed. My dad put it in for me yesterday. Yes, I know. I'm just as excited as you are. In the words of the great philosopher Tabbithacules, "No more sex for Jordan". *depressing*

I plan on starting a section for technical whatsawhozits. Mainly just for Mike, Matt, and Jared. I guess any of you can check it out, but beware... you won't have a clue. I'm hoping to get this whole thing divided into logical divisions. I fear that I will have to completely design my own template, which scares me.

I hate those stupid *p0Rn* spam e-mails. I just got one today that sported the delightfully witty subject line of "BREAK WALLS APART WITH YOUR BIG BIG SHAFT!!". Just what I have always wanted, a penis that I could successfully utilize not only in the bedroom, but also at my part-time demolition job. Can you see me out there? I'm the guy with his massive member in his hands, beating it against condemned buildings with a fury yet unmatched by any other man-that-breaks-walls-with-his-homeboy. I mean seriously people... that e-mail doesn't even make any dang sense. Why in God's great name would one respond to an offer that claims to allow one to destroy things with their "love machine". It's just utter lunacy. What kind of people click on that stuff? What kind of people send that stuff out?? It's like if you girls were to receive an e-mail with the heading, "MOP THE KITCHEN WITH YOUR NEW HUGE BOOBS!!". That's not appealing, that's appalling. This is just one instance of the recent outbreak of occupational pornography. I mean just the other day I got a message that claimed to have "SHOCKING PHOTOS OF BUTLERS AND MAIDS!!". Not only is this smut career-specific, but it is also gender biased. During the entire hour and a half that I was perusing the "SURPRISINGLY DIRTY JANITORS IN ACTION!!" site, there was not a single female. And I know! I was there for an hour and a half!! *Strictly* looking for some sign that this was a politically correct website. Does Title IX not apply to pornography? Where's the good Reverend Jessie Jackson when you need him? I think I'm gunna go ORGANize a protest. Get it. ORGANize. Well enough of my ranting. Manwell and I have an interview over at Rockard Killawale Demolition LLC. in 20 minutes. Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

(Shizzolate that one... my dizzawgs)

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Well from what I hear (and read) you all seem to be having alot of fun with the Shizzolater. It's always good to see people happy about destroying literary works of art by extending the words with a ridiculous amount of z's.

I ate at Applebee's yesterday and it was soo friggin good. I had never been before. I was a little undecided on what to get, but I went ahead and sprung for the 10 oz. Bourbon Street Sirloin Steak. It was incredible. I give it two thumbs up...

I'm all about letting you people know about some really new cool bands. Well, I have a couple to tell you about. First off we have Beloved. Dang these guys rock. Emocore at its best. Me and Mike were going to go see them back in January with Norma Jean and mewithoutYou, but we didn't end up getting to go (which sucks royally after hearing them). Next we have a band named Brazil. I've been hearing of them for a while, but I just recently checked them out. Good, good music.

Fight the Power. Stay Informed.


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