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Friday, March 14, 2003

Has anyone else ever wondered about public restroom hand dryers? They are always about 10 seconds too short to actually get your hands dry. Why can't they just increase the length of blowing by 10 seconds? After several experiments and much bathroom time, I have decided that public restroom hand-dryers are key components in a plot against the working man propagated by the world's energy suppliers. Here is the part where I explain... my... theory. When the hand-dryer shuts off 10 seconds early, you are still left with damp hands. There are only two real courses of action to remedy this. 1: Wipe your hands on your shirt or pants. 2: Restart the dryer. Now, personally I do not enjoy large wet spots on my shirt or pants unless they have my permission to be there. So now all we are left with is restarting the dryer cycle. The normal cycle lasts from 30 - 60 seconds, yet we only need 10 seconds of it the second time around. After using our time we logically tend to walk away from the machine, thus wasting 20 - 50 seconds of blowing power. If this is done millions of times daily, how many hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted by restaurants and rest stops and retail stores annually by having to restart your dryer cycle? These businesses are thus forced to raise the prices on their merchandise to soften the blow (no pun intended) of under-blowing blowers. All expense filters down to the working man. In the end we all lose. Use towels. Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

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