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Sunday, March 23, 2003

My back is killing me. Do you ever wake up and just have a shooting pain somewhere and you can't help but wonder if you woke up in the middle of the night and impaled yourself on a violently twisting spoon and then went back to bed? Well thats what I feel like right now. Ohh well, to the post...

God, yeah my back still hurts... OK for real this time... to the post...

Recently I have been listening to Fugazi alot. I think this may be why I've been having trouble liking anything other than Fugazi, lately. I probably need to stop it. The Arguement is a reeeaallllly good CD though.

I'm trying desperately to put off writing my big paper. It's due... well in the morning. I guess since it's almost 8pm I should probably get started on that. I mean it IS 10 pages.

I saw my sister's play twice this weekend. Natasha and Rachel went with me on Friday night, and Tabitha on Saturday night. It was pretty cool. I thought it was interesting how they portrayed my sister as an atheistic, amoral, gangster-loving, shameless, deceitful whore. Good time were had by all, I guess.

Now for some quotes from my sister's play.

"He had a platinum gown made for her. She put it on her naked body. He would make fire in the fireplace and heat the dress and she would put it on, and if it burned her shameless skin she would laugh like the pagan she is and he would kiss the burn." Magda Svenson on my sister's illicit relationship with her boss

"Mrs. Faulkner is a lady and therefore she has no reaction."
Private Investigator Van Fleet on my sister's boss' wife's reaction (or lack) about my sister's illicit relationship with her boss

"Damn you!" notorious gangster Lawrence "Guts" Reagan's eloquent comments on the DA's statements about my sister's illicit relationship with said gangster... ohh yes and her boss was involved somehow... and sex

I think you all get the point. Twas quite a savory depiction. Ohh how I love to see my sisters grow up into wonderful God-fearing women. Well anywayz... everyone keep your heads up, I'm here for ya. Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

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