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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Ahh yes... Spring is upon us. Sitting at the park today made me realize why I love Spring. The lovely breeze, the beautiful flowers... I saw four entire naked breasts today. I am completely serious. I was just reading a Javascript book in my van, minding my own business, when I glanced over and PAFLUMP! This lady lifted up her shirt and I saw very much tit. I couldn't quite figure out why her naked love bumps were making such an astounding appearance in the middle of Gregg Park. She proceeded to pick up her child and begin the delightful process of nursing. I understood, and gave her privacy. This was odd, yet completely understandable. The next two honkers were the confusing ones. While walking toward my chemistry class I caught a glimpse of the tinted main windows in the Math/Science building. I could see the outline of a white shirt, obviously female. The glass wasn't clear enough for me to make out any distinguishable features. All of the sudden, the shirt was up and then down again. I stopped dead. Was I just flashed? The girl must have noticed that I wasn't able to see very well because she proceeded to lift up her shirt again, this time pressing her nude tandem against the window. I was stunned. This couldn't possibly be happening twice today. I gave her an appropriate thumbs up and was on my way. I guess today was boobie day for Jordan. I pray that you all have the good fortune of a boobie day at least twice in your lives. Man I love Spring. Fight the Power. Stay Arouse... Stay Informed.

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