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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I'm not sure if I hate college or if college just hates me. I'm pretty sure I hate college, though. Vincennes University is a rotting, festering plate of maggoty cheese. Well now that's out of the way, on to the blogging...

I finally got my headlight fixed. My dad put it in for me yesterday. Yes, I know. I'm just as excited as you are. In the words of the great philosopher Tabbithacules, "No more sex for Jordan". *depressing*

I plan on starting a section for technical whatsawhozits. Mainly just for Mike, Matt, and Jared. I guess any of you can check it out, but beware... you won't have a clue. I'm hoping to get this whole thing divided into logical divisions. I fear that I will have to completely design my own template, which scares me.

I hate those stupid *p0Rn* spam e-mails. I just got one today that sported the delightfully witty subject line of "BREAK WALLS APART WITH YOUR BIG BIG SHAFT!!". Just what I have always wanted, a penis that I could successfully utilize not only in the bedroom, but also at my part-time demolition job. Can you see me out there? I'm the guy with his massive member in his hands, beating it against condemned buildings with a fury yet unmatched by any other man-that-breaks-walls-with-his-homeboy. I mean seriously people... that e-mail doesn't even make any dang sense. Why in God's great name would one respond to an offer that claims to allow one to destroy things with their "love machine". It's just utter lunacy. What kind of people click on that stuff? What kind of people send that stuff out?? It's like if you girls were to receive an e-mail with the heading, "MOP THE KITCHEN WITH YOUR NEW HUGE BOOBS!!". That's not appealing, that's appalling. This is just one instance of the recent outbreak of occupational pornography. I mean just the other day I got a message that claimed to have "SHOCKING PHOTOS OF BUTLERS AND MAIDS!!". Not only is this smut career-specific, but it is also gender biased. During the entire hour and a half that I was perusing the "SURPRISINGLY DIRTY JANITORS IN ACTION!!" site, there was not a single female. And I know! I was there for an hour and a half!! *Strictly* looking for some sign that this was a politically correct website. Does Title IX not apply to pornography? Where's the good Reverend Jessie Jackson when you need him? I think I'm gunna go ORGANize a protest. Get it. ORGANize. Well enough of my ranting. Manwell and I have an interview over at Rockard Killawale Demolition LLC. in 20 minutes. Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

(Shizzolate that one... my dizzawgs)

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