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Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003


Here it is... the infamous "Jared's nipple" pic. Enjoy. Notice how his nipple is slightly protruding thus indication that he was turned on by the encounter. I also noticed that his nipple is actually slightly off-center in reference to his areola. The lack of hair also shows that he either shaves his chest or has yet to or just recently hit puberty. The fact that he can stretch his shirt all the way down to his breast also shows that he either wears ridiculously stretchy shirts or has a rather large neck. I guess he could have just been that excited about showing me his goods that he obtained a burst of adrenaline. That would explain both the superhuman-like, neck-hole stretching strength and the erect nipple. The lack of hair and off-center nip are still mysteries though... Fight the Power. Stay Info... GET YOUR HAND OUT OF YOUR PANTS!! YEAH I SEE YOU!! PERVERT!! Anyway... Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

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