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Thursday, April 29, 2004

thefuture's army of 5000 men marches into your territory. Your army prepares to meet them in battle.

thefuture sent the following message arrow:

Testing out attacking strats

Turbulent purple and red flames appear from nowhere, surrounding your men with scorching heat. Men scream with pain and terror. 812 die from the magi-fire's touch.

Violent storm winds blow sleet and hail at thefuture's men. Jagged bolts of lightning split the sky as thunder roars, breaking thefuture's army with devastating force. 1551 of thefuture's men are slain.

Your armies clash together, steel on steel, as warcries and screams of terror and pain rise into the air.

812 of your men were lost.
Your army inflicted 1551 losses on thefuture.

thefuture's army inflicted some damage on your army, but your men stood their ground, forcing thefuture to turn around and leave... for now.

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