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Thursday, February 20, 2003

So I'm not sure if everyone has heard the big news about POD kicking their lead guitarist, Marcos Curiel, to the curb. A statement issued by lead vocalist Sonny Sandoval states that “(Curiel) has chosen to pursue his own vision apart from P.O.D., never have we imagined P.O.D. without him, but we now know this vision is bigger than the four of us.” The news came as a shock to many, but nothing could prepare fans for the waves of backstabbing and stories of betrayal that were to come. According to, Curiel said, "I was hoping I could do what Maynard [Keenan] does. He's in Tool and A Perfect Circle. That's obviously not the case here. It got pretty sticky at the end about 'You need to prioritize where you're at with your music and where you're at with your walk with God.' I'm like, 'You guys are tripping, dude. I just want to be an artist, and if I can't have that freedom, I just want to fly.' If someone asks me to play with them, if someone asks me to write a song, I just want to be able to do that." Both sides indicate that religious and philosophical differences contributed heavily to the break. Curiel says, "That was always an issue with them... It should have never been about that. It should have been about the music." Curiel did not comment on his religious beliefs to MTV, but he said he was tired of playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. "I hate the facade of putting on a mask in front of fans and then behind the scenes acting like someone else," he said. "I just want to be myself all the time." The guitarist said P.O.D. is not as righteous as their reputation. "The thing that's really bugging me out is the e-mail (that Sandoval sent to fans announcing the break) is portrayed all holy and sh--," he said of the letter, which ended with: "Please continue to keep P.O.D. and Marcos in your prayers. All our love is yours. Be blessed." In response Curiel states, "I hate that. That's one of the main differences we had is philosophy. They're putting that out because they know their market and they know what kids are going to say about all that."

Sounds like someone swallowed a bitter pill. This is the danger of opening our minds. Art is not the problem, it's the space that it leaves open to the mind. Without an artistic outlet, without meditating on scripture daily, without clear thinking and the ability to conveying those thoughts intelligently, sin can take hold of the dormant mind and makes it's home.

The band has already announced Curiel's replacement. The new guitarist for P.O.D. will be none other than Jason Truby. Few of you know of him, but those of you that do know him know that this guy is "Reborn Empowered". Truby played guitar for the great Living Sacrifice during and before the breakout Reborn album. It will be odd seeing a metalhead playing with rap-rock/nu-metal giants P.O.D., but it's also weird to see Rocky Gray play drums for Evanescence. We all must deal with these crazy times. It's just crazy to read rumors of P.O.D.'s questionable behind the scenes character. Especially coming from a late member. You can read the full disturbing article at

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