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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Today, my friends, will go down in history as the day I cut my lip with a piece of toast. Seriously, it really hurts. My other mother, Joetta, had just finished serving me my breakfast of a BEST Sandwich (Bacon, Egg, fresh Spinach, and Tomato) on honey white bread (don't laugh Taylor. Honey White.) and a cup of coffee. I was reading the newspaper and was starting to consider myself somewhat informed, until that moment. I bit into my sandwhich and began to savor the flavor. I couldn't stop. I was eating like a madman. Bite after bite. Hand over fist. Then it happened. As I reached up for the last savory bite an article caught my eye. Sale at Penny's, WHAT! I had stuffed the last bite in my mouth at an angle, and the toast had cut my lip. It started bleeding. Then some pepper from the eggs got in it and it burned. This sandwhich was a metaphor for women. Delicious, but deadly. Chew on that for a while... NEW LIST ADDITION!!

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