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Monday, April 28, 2003

[05:29:16 PM] mjb: wbeqna zvyyre

[05:29:31 PM] mjb: lbh znxr zl whvprf sybj

[05:30:13 PM] mjb: shpx zl obql hagvyy zl xarrf dhvire naq zl guvtufner fgvss

[05:30:50 PM] mjb: ybir zr graqre

[05:31:03 PM] Regretfully Indifferent: I completely understand how you feel, but shoving a bag of marshmallows in your mouth is not going to make it any better. I promise.

[05:32:55 PM] mjb: V jnag lbhe ont bs znfuzryybjf onol

[05:33:17 PM] mjb: v jnag gb fubir gurz va zl inevbhf bensnprf

[05:33:57 PM] Regretfully Indifferent: "I called the witch doctor and this is what he said: "

[05:36:58 PM] mjb: or zl puebzr qvyqb sevraq

[05:39:00 PM] mjb: ovgpu fync

[05:39:13 PM] Regretfully Indifferent: Gezundheit

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