Regretfully Indifferent

Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

Friday, April 25, 2003 has a review of the new Radial Angel CD "One More Last Time". I heard about this CD a little while ago, but had and still have no desire to hear it. I was shocked by the harshness of this review. Here is the link and excerpt:

    "For about 1800 years, art produced by Christians was some of the most pioneering and original in Western Civilization. When did we go from the brilliance of Handel to the derivation of Radial Angel? When did we lose it? When did we start to suck? If anything, this album should act as a warning to musicians who are Christians to not fall for the idea that saying “Jesus” in a song makes up for writing a terrible song. “Christian” music should be about excellence, and this album is not."

Can you imagine making a CD and that CD being compared to the downfall of 1800 years of artistic excellence? HARSH... and I say it again, because it bears repeating... HARSH. Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

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