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Sunday, April 13, 2003


Am I am prisoner to this axis
Forever chained to this fleshly void
The wings of treason flutter past
Blowing leaves of failure around my feet

I sing songs of peace, but no sound
I paint pictures of love, but no color
Empty, am I, without love, peace
These promised virtues seem still so distant

But you are my virtue
You alone fill the chasms carved in my soul
My fortress is You, O Lord
In your embrace I find warmth and shelter

Scarred am I, but you fade them
Wounded am I, but you mend
Your roots run deeper than I ever expected
Drawing water to refresh my weary limbs

A flawed design for I am half
Completed, only by the death of it
Fill me up to overflowing
That my excess would fill those around me

At the time of my passing
Whether I am to flicker out or be snuffed
Let it be whispered among my brothers and sisters
That I fought a righteous fight

Would that those whispers scream Your glory
And quiet my Ethos
May my life be a testimony to your grace
A grace that transforms the most reprobate of derelicts

But until that fateful day
I will be transparent that you might shine through
Break me, then build me
Complete me, I pray Thee. Amen.

- JM

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