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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Well kiddies, I finally finished it. After much toil I have compiled my:


1. Stavesacre - Gold and Silver from "Speakeasy"
2. mewithoutYou - Silencer from "[A--> B] Life"
3. Chasing Furies - Whisper Softly from "With Abandon"
4. Madison Greene - between dreams + God and the Beast (2 contiguous tracks) from "...Think the Dancer's Mad"
5. Zao - Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears from "Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest"
6. Poor Old Lu - This Theater from "Star Studded Super Step"
7. Aaron Sprinkle - A Friend I Had from "Moontraveler"
8. Black Eyed Sceva - Adrien James from "Way Before the Flood"
9. Plankeye - Wings to Fly from "The Spark"
10. Model Engine - Scarred But Smarter from "The Lean Years Tradition"
11. Common Children - Stains of Time from "Delicate Fade"
12. Hootie and the Blowfish - Let Her Cry from "Cracked Rear View"
13. Five O'Clock People - Sorry from "The Nothing Venture"
14. Coldplay - Amsterdam from "A Rush Of Blood To The Head"
15. Zao - Ember from "Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest"
16. Poor Old Lu - Do I? from "In Their Final Performance"
17. Living Sacrifice - Enthroned 98 from "This Is Solid State Vol. 1"
18. Stavesacre - Rivers Underneath from "Speakeasy"
19. Extol - Celestial Completion from "Burial"
20. Dear Ephesus - Potrait from "The Consolation of Pianissimo"
21. Plankeye - Three Fold Chord from "The Spark"
22. mewithoutYou - Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt from "[A-->B] Life"
23. Roadside Monument - Crop Circles from "Eight Hours Away From Being A Man"
24. Underoath - Alone In December from "The Changing Of Times"
25. Nickel Creek - Reasons Why from "Nickel Creek"

Honorable Mentions:
Dead Poetic - August Winterman from "Four Wall Blackmail"
Don Caballero - Details On How To Get ICEMAN On Your License Plate from "American Don"
Over the Rhine - Rhapsodie from "Patience"
Sunny Day Real Estate - Killed By An Angel from "The Rising Tide"
Tantrum Of The Muse - Gas Parade from "The Heart Is A Two-Headed Sperm"
The Juliana Theory - You Always Say Goodnight, Goodnight from "Emotion Is Dead"
Poor Old Lu - Thoughtless from "Sin"
Poor Old Lu - Chance For Chancers from "A Picture of the Eight Wonder"

On The Bubble:
Roadside Monument - Sperm Ridden Burden from "Eight Hours Away From Being A Man"
Seven Day Jesus - Forgive Me from "The Hunger"

...and after all that work I realized that there are two songs on there with the word "Sperm" in either the song or CD title. Weird... Fight The Power. Stay Informed.

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