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Friday, May 09, 2003

Ok kiddies... this one caught me a little off guard. You see I was eating a Bratwurst when I read it. It didn't sit well... seems like this guy was trapped under a boulder and was caught for several days. In a attempt to free himself, he cut off his arm with a dull multiuse tool. Excerpt and link below.

"It was 'what you’d get if you bought a $15 flashlight and got a free multiuse tool,' he said. It was so dull by then that 'I couldn’t even cut the hair off my arm.'
The next day, after finishing the last sips of his water, he tried again. This time, he was able to puncture the skin, but he found he couldn’t cut the bone beneath. By Thursday morning, he concluded that he had only one more chance. 'I realized that it was the last opportunity that I could have and still have the physical strength to get out where help would find me,' he said. This time, he twisted his arm, torqueing the bones until they broke. 'I was able to first snap the radius and then, within another few minutes, snap the ulna at the wrist, and from there, I had the knife out and applied the tourniquet and went to the task,' he said. 'It was a process that took about an hour.'"

Yipes. Friggin Yipes. Now I'm off to go regurgitate my Bratwurst, which now tastes suspiciously like, well... human arm. Fight the Power. Stay Away From Boulders.

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