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Sunday, June 15, 2003

I just did one of the most amazingly effective poetic exercises that I've ever done. Some of you may have heard of the band Sigur Ros. They are a mellow atmospheric band from somewhere other than here. On their latest CD, they created a language know as "Hopelandic" which is mostly just beautifully formed jibberish. Their website encourages people to listen to the songs and write their own lyrics to them. Let me just tell you... it is amazing. I hope all of you will check out the music and do this. Not only is it incredibly cathartic, it's also will help you develop your own poetic style. This is just a sampling of what I heard in the third track...

You sigh
Stay with me
You're a star
Screaming around our love
For you never cried

You set our home on fire
You saw it all from your humor
You know no hope
You rise up
You saw it all from your humor

You saw it all...
From you, star

Now I lay in tears

She's all alone now
Seen in my dreams now

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