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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Things are out of place. Things are so out of place that it feels weird when they snap back in. Scrubs is back on NBC in it's third season. Today I was thinking about how things were when I last watched a new episode of Scrubs...

April 17th 2003. Scrubs Season 2 Finale.
I was still struggling through my final semester of college. Finals were coming up. I was single. Still stuck on an old flame, unsure about a new one. I had ideas of how things were going to be when I got out of college. People are going to be eager to hire me, a college graduate. I can't wait till Cornerstone. I'm finally going to get to see mewithoutYou and Anathallo. It's going to be so much fun having all of my closest friends there with me. I hope Josiah's truck will be able to make it. Hell, I hope my van can make it. If it's too hot this year I'm just gunna turn on the A/C and sit in my van. I don't care how hard it is on my engine... I hate that middle-Illinois heat and humidity. I need a spritual refreshing. I found the Oasis, but there was only sand. God, I'm thirsty. I think I'll apply at Best Buy. That'd be a good place to work. I bet they treat their employee's well...

October 2nd 2003. Scrubs Season 3 Premiere.
I'm out of college and people AREN'T eager to hire me. I've only completed 2 years of schooling as opposed to 4 or... 76. I got over Laura and started dating Tabitha on June 2nd. She keeps me going. Best decision I've made since I tried the Bob Evans Cobb Salad for the first time (Ranch dressing of course). Cornerstone was awesome. I knew it would be. mewithoutYou was killer. I feel that the time I spent with my friends helped us become closer and understand each other better. Josiah's truck was fine, albeit a little speedy at the wrong time. It was really hot, we just sat in my van with the A/C on. A/C aint as cold as it used to be. God, I'm still thirsty. Please teach me how to drink sand. Best Buy hired me, but I quit before orientation. They have no clue how to treat an employee. I need a job.

You might think it's weird that I gauge personal growth by season's of Scrubs. All I have to say is... at least I'm trying to grow. Snotty Doodie Pants. Fight the Power. Stay Informed. How's that for stagnant Michael Jackass... :-)

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