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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Sorry about the recent posting hiatus... Life has gotten ahead of me and I am desperately trying to catch up. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was incredible. I had a wondeful day, spending time with the people I love the most (if only Josiah had been there :-) ).

Good to see that you're writing again Jared, FiCtIoN iS CaThArTiC.

I checked the EXP on my Blog Hero yesterday and he's about to level up. Don't be surprised if you come here to find a completely different monster... then again he might just learn LVL 3 Fire Spell (you just never know with RPG analogies).

Work has been zapping all my time. I'm rarely on the computer anymore (shocking). My coworkers are making me stupider every day... how bout a list:

Scott - Farts all the time. Rarely washes. Stocks with his shirt off (but still has his back brace on). Starts every sentence with, "Well...". Does everything wrong, but blames it on you. Completely ignorant.

Debbie - Has worked at K-Mart for 23 years. Just recently lost all dedication to her job. Takes long breaks now and forgets to care. Likes to laugh at my jokes and frequently spits up her drink while doing so. Only smokes menthols.

Tammy - Quite possibly the loudest, most opinionated person I've ever known. Her favorite saying is, "F*ckin MORONS! They MAKE me call them bad names! I don't want to do it, but they MAKE me do it. F*ckin G*ddam MotherF*ckin retard morons! It's their f*ckin g*ddam faults!"

So ends the list (and my sanity).

I want The Holy Grail of comical literature. Mike will want it too, I'm sure. Sadly, he'll probably buy it one day... Gary Larson calls The Complete Far Side, the massive two-volume collection of his Far Side cartoons, an "18-pound hernia giver." Sure to give any coffee table a solid workout, the handsome and heavy 1,250-page "legacy book" is a must for fervent fans; over 4,300 single-panel comics with more than half in color and 1,100 that have not appeared in any book form before (the popular--and far less weighty--paperback collections).

Those of you that feel like you can listen to a CD objectively without all that elitest pretense... dangit now my demographic is alienated. Ohh well... the new Coheed and Cambria disc is incredible. I had no clue that they had it in them. For some odd reason I get a Frodus feeling (minus the Sasquatch). Must be the ringing telephone start the disc... These guys laugh so hard at Emo, it's hilarious. I love a band that's good enough to remain in and yet completely transcend their genre.

For everyone else that can't handle that and would like some incredibly tasty Metal fare... "Nodes of Ranvier - Nodes of Ranvier" is one of the best new CD's I've heard in a long time.

(PS. to Mike and Jared... LS released that Processed Tour video on DVD and it has extended footage and whatnot. Check their site it looks tasty...)

Hope everyone is dong well, love you all... Fight the Power. Stay Informed.

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